Preventing Protected Industrial Action

How Do I Prevent Protected Industrial Action?

Protected Industrial Action. One of those areas of industrial relations that receives more than it’s fair share of negative publicity. Some say that employees should be prohibited from taking protected industrial action. Their claim is that it holds the employer to ransom. Personally, I believe that it is only poorly managed businesses that should be … Read more

Top 7 Myths Relating To Industrial Relations

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Every industry or area of expertise has it’s fair share of myths and misconceptions. For better or worse, industrial relations is no different.

As with most myths, they have some foundation in truth. Then end up getting blown out of proportion or distorted by time.

In no particular order are some of the most common myths about industrial relations

Myth #1 – You need to have a degree in Law or Human Resources to understand Industrial Relations.

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Do You Need More Policies or Better Managers?

IRSimplified: Company Policies
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Aren’t company policies wonderful and divisive things?

Some organisations swear by them. Believing that it isn’t possible to have too many of them.

Yet, there are as many who have had enough of them. Considering company policies to be the bane of a competent managers existence.

Does an excess of company policies show poor management or employees?

Once the plethora of policies are in place, are they there for good, or can you get rid of them?

Excessive Company Policies = Poor Management/Recruitment

I do not believe that having a large number of policies is good for anyone.

What it does tend to show is that a) the wrong type of people are being employed, or b) management has lost the ability to manage their staff members.

If the wrong type of people are employed, then that process MUST change.

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ep26 – IR Simplified Podcast: Enterprise Associations

Today I talk about enterprise associations and why I think they are ‘the union’ for the 21st century. I discuss what some of the benefits of an enterprise association would be for the employees, and the employer. Make sure you head on over to Industrial Relations Today and join the mailing list to be one of the … Read more

Episode 21: Employee Engagement. Buzzword Or Something More?

IR Simplified Podcast, Episode 21
IR Simplified Podcast, Episode 21
Employee Engagement.
Buzzword or Something More?

In episode 21 of the IR Simplified podcast I talk about employee engagement and decide whether it is just a buzzword, or is there something more to it.

If it isn’t a buzzword, how can we go about increasing it.

I also talk some more about the new course, Understanding IR and talk some more about the new website and podcast under development at

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Episode 16: IR Simplified Podcast

IR Simplified Podcast, Episode 16
IR Simplified Podcast, Episode 16
Preventing Protected Industrial Action

Episode 16 of the IR Simplified podcast is back onto the nine part series on enterprise agreements. In this episode I talk about protect industrial action.

I go into a brief discussion about way to prevent it, and to go against popular opinion, I talk about why I think protected industrial action represents a breakdown in communication from the business.

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Episode 05 – IR Simplified Podcast

In this episode I will talk about:

  • the behaviour of CFMEU organisers and why no one should accept that sort of behaviour, let alone the union movement
  • an article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald about the infantilisation of workers
  • why we must do all that we can to increase workplace communication
  • why I think enterprise associations will be the new black for Australian businesses, and
  • whether a minimum leave requirement is a good thing or bad thing for your workplace.

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