Cameron Blewett IR SimplifiedHi there.

My name is Cameron Blewett, and I would like to welcome you to IR Simplified

Despite what the ‘experts’ or the media would have you believe, industrial relations and compliance isn’t that hard or complex.

Once you have it explained to you.

This site breaks industrial relations down into simple, easy to understand ‘bits’, that even the busiest business owner will be able to manage.

We do this through regular articles, the IRSimplified podcast, courses, and the member’s area

That being said, this site isn’t for everyone.

In fact, if you are one of the following, I recommend that you stop reading now…

  • Think that industrial relations in Australia is broken, and beyond help
  • Think that you MUST have a law or HR degree to understand industrial relations
  • Think that your employees are an expense your business can do without
  • That an industry group will solve the IR problems in your business