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If you are new to industrial relations the following articles make a good starting point.

  1. What is industrial relations?
  2. What is a trade union?
  3. Workplace Bullying. What is it?
  4. Enterprise Agreements. What are they?

There is also the IR Simplified Podcast, and the LinkedIn group Australian Industrial Relations.

High Income Threshold

Employers should be aware that from 1 July 2017, the high-income threshold is set to increase to $142,000.00. This means the maximum amount of compensation payable for a successful unfair dismissal claim increases to $71,000.00.

Recent articles and podcast episodes

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This is a bit of a back to basics episode for me, and a change in the "look" of the podcast. I have decided to take it back to being more of a raw conversational type podcast, no intro, no outros or "call to action"s. Just simple conversation on how you can simplify...

67: Cost or value; sacked for not being vegan, ACTU’s “change the rules” campaign

In this episode I ask the question, as a consumer, does price or value influence your decision more? talk about, a recent media report of an overseas employee who was fired for not being vegan. And, share my thoughts on the “change the rules” campaign by the ACTU....

66: Annual Wage Increase, Internships, How Can We “Fix” HR, and more

In this episode, I'll be talking about the the following: The Annual discussion on wages increases, and my suggestion on what should happen. Internships, Asking the question how we can fix HR at the coal face, Thoughts on a suggestion that HR and Marketing are...