Preventing Protected Industrial Action

How Do I Prevent Protected Industrial Action?

Protected Industrial Action. One of those areas of industrial relations that receives more than it’s fair share of negative publicity. Some say that employees should be prohibited from taking protected industrial action. Their claim is that it holds the employer to ransom. Personally, I believe that it is only poorly managed businesses that should be … Read more

Top 7 Myths Relating To Industrial Relations

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Every industry or area of expertise has it’s fair share of myths and misconceptions. For better or worse, industrial relations is no different.

As with most myths, they have some foundation in truth. Then end up getting blown out of proportion or distorted by time.

In no particular order are some of the most common myths about industrial relations

Myth #1 – You need to have a degree in Law or Human Resources to understand Industrial Relations.

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Episode 12: IR Simplified Podcast

This is episode 2 of the series on Enterprise Agreements.

In this episode I talk about the sending out of the Notice Of Employee Representational Rights you can find a copy here.

I also go into why I think getting a draft agreement signed off is one of the most important things a business must do during the bargaining period.

Other articles that I have written regarding Enterprise Agreements are:

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Planning Your First Enterprise Agreement

Negotiating Your Enterprise Agreement

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Episode 08: IR Simplified Podcast

In this episode of the IR Simplified Podcast I dispel some of the most common myths surrounding industrial relations. * Industrial Relations is all about fighting with unions * The Fair Work Act is the enemy of business * Without a degree you are wasting your time * The unions are out to shut businesses … Read more