Q&A: First Aiders In The Workplace

Question: How many first aid officers do we require in an office in Queensland?

We have a small professional services business here in Queensland of about 25 employees.

How many first aiders do we need?


Safe Work Australia’s Code of Practice: First aid in the workplace recommends that for “low risk” workplaces that there be one first aider for every 50 workers.

This means that your workplace would need at least one first aider.

As I am a big supporter of open book management, and empowering employees, I would be offering a first aid course to all employees.

This could be done as part of a team building exercise, may morale.

I would be contacting an RTO that provides the appropriate qualification and asking them if they have a group rate, etc. You may find out that it is substantially cheaper than paying for one individually.

If doing this improves productivity and morale, then that has to be worth more than the “cost” to the business.

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