IR Simplified Podcast, Episode 33 National Employment Standards

Episode 13: IR Simplified Podcast

IR Simplified Podcast, Episode 13
IR Simplified Podcast, Episode 13

Episode 13 of the IR Simplified podcast goes into what should be in an enterprise agreement.

Clauses from the FWC website:

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Penalty Rates Image

Will Penalty Rates Really Kill My Business?

Penalty Rates Image
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Penalty rates. If you believe business and industry groups, they are restricting employment, holding the economy back, and are responsible for businesses closing their doors on weekend and public holidays.

Are they really the big bad evil that they are claimed to be, or do businesses deal with worse things?

If they aren’t that bad, what can be done to manage them?

About Penalty Rates

Something that seems to be forgotten or overlooked in the propaganda battle is that penalty rates are a penalty imposed on a business for doing a particular task that is outside of normal operations. This could be working on weekends, working overnight,  working in the rain, or even in extreme heat or cold.

Penalty Rates Are Avoidable

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Episode 003: IR Simplified Podcast

In episode 03 of the IR Simplified podcast I talk about penalty rates, and whether we will see their demise at the end of the Fair Work Commission review. I also ask if an employer is really the ‘bad guy’ by wanting to reduce expenses. There is also a little bit of a discussion around … Read more