Workplace Investigations

Unfortunately, the need to conduct a workplace investigation into misconduct, complaints, workplace bullying and so on is on the increase.

And equally unfortunate is that far too many managers are in experienced in how to conduct one.

Making things even harder for the manager is that getting a workplace investigation wrong could potentially open the business up to risk from an unfair dismissal or workers compensation claim, or worse.

Though don’t despair, help is at hand.

With the online workplace investigations training course from IR Simplified, you can learn how to do, or brush up on your workplace investigation skills.

What’s In The Training?

The online training modules in workplace investigations training course cover the following areas.

  • When To Investigate

This module goes into when a complaint should result in a formal workplace investigation, and when one may not be needed.

  • Reasonable Management Action

This module covers what is likely to be considered reasonable management action, and what isn’t.

  • Role Of The Workplace Investigator

This module covers what a workplace investigation is, what it isn’t, and what a workplace investigator can and can’t do.

  • Planning The Investigation

This module covers the planning of the investigation, including things like the scope, order of interviews, and so on. 

  • Conducting The Investigation

This modules covers things like drafting questions, sending the letter of allegations, building rapport and measuring witness credibility, support persons, and more.

  • Support Person

This module covers who can and cannot be a support person, what they can and cannot do, when refusing a support person may be acceptable, implications of VATE v de Laps, and Vong v Sika Australia, acceptable conduct, and more. (Yes, we even cover what to do if a clown turns up as a support person).

  • Writing The final report

This module covers the writing of the report, whether the allegations are substantiated or not, and preparing recommendations.

  • When The Investigation Is Over

This module is especially relevant for in-house workplace investigators, and covers what to do once the workplace investigation is over. How the findings should be communicated with both parties, dealing with any disciplinary actions, how to reduce the chance of a repeat workplace investigation, and more.

What Do You Get?

When you enrol in one of IR Simplified’s online training courses, you will get the following.

Self paced course. Complete it in your own time, when you can. No more needing to take days off work to complete the training.

Lifetime access. Unlike other training courses, you can do our course as many times as you want. In fact, we encourage you to do them at least once a year.

Continually updated. Our training courses are updated twice a year, to make sure that what you are learning is current, and relevant. When a course is updated, your progress will be reset, so you can keep track of your progress.

Templates. You will be provided with the templates needed to conduct a workplace investigation. This includes things like, investigation framework, allegation letter, interim report, final report, and more.

Digital badge. On completion of the course, students will receive a digital badge that they can add to their own blog or social media profile. For more information on badges, click here.

Certificate of completion. On completion of the course, students will receive a printed and PDF certificate of completion.

Discord server. Students get access to a unique discord server, where you can ask questions or interact with other students. (If you aren’t comfortable with Discord, there is also Twist).

Forum access. In addition to the Discord server, students also get access to a students only area of the forum.

Keybase team. Access to the students only team set up on Keybase.

Courses start every Monday. (Must enrol by Friday for onboarding).

Enrol below.

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