Workplace Investigations. Can I Do Then Myself?

Workplace Investigations
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While I hope that you never have to do one, there may come a time where a workplace investigation is needed.

Workplace investigations come about for any number of reasons, though the most common are due to a complaint from a customer/client about a staff member; a complaint from an employee about another employee; or even from a stocktake/audit.

As a manager or business owner, you will need to make the decision as to whether the investigation is handled internally or given to an external investigator.

As every investigation/complaint should be assessed and worked through individually, it is often difficult to know when it should be handled internally, and when it should be given to an external investigator.

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Episode 07 – IR Simplified Podcast

This episode is dedicated to answering listener questions. The first question is from Owen in Sydney who has a question about investigations. The second comes from Madeline in Palm Beach who asks a question about a staff member constantly arriving late. You can subscribe to the podcast using one of the links below