At some time or another, you are bound to receive a complaint that needs investigating.

While managers and business owners shouldn’t be afraid of conducting a workplace investigation, doing one wrong can have disastrous outcomes for a business.

This course will give you the skills required to assess whether an allegation needs investigating, who should do it, and how to ensure that it is procedurally fair to all parties involved

Modules covered are:

Module 01: Introduction

In this module we introduce you to workplace investigations.

You will:

  • get an overview of what workplace investigations are
  • learn about the burden of proof
  • explanation of commonly used terms
  • what you can and can’t do
  • Different techniques
  • Discuss natural justice
  • Procedural fairness

Deerstalker hats aren’t required.

Module 02: Policies and Procedures

In this module we introduce you to workplace investigations.

You will:

  • Learn which policies and procedures you may need
  • Process for conducting an investigation
  • When to go external
  • How do gauge when an investigation is necessary
  • Stand-down employees or business as usual?

Module 03: Planning The Investigation

You have decided that a workplace investigation is warranted. Now comes the fun part.

The planning.

You will:

  • Learn how to create the terms of reference for the investigation
  • Write an investigation plan
    • Who you will need to talk to
    • What other evidence you may need
    • What company policies you may need
    • When you will need to talk to witnesses
  • Plan logistics for the investigation

Module 04: Witness interviews

In this module we talk about interviewing witnesses.

You will:

  • Learn how to take the initial complaint
  • Build rapport with witnesses
  • Weigh witness statements

Module 05: Findings and Recommendations

You have interviewed the witnesses, gather statements, compiled the evidence now all that is left is the findings.

This is where you will:

  • Are the allegations substantiated or unsubstantiated?
  • Learn how write the executive summary
  • Standing up to external scrutiny
  • Recommendations
  • Post investigation debrief

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