Understanding The Fair Work Act

This course will give the participant a basic understanding of the Fair Work Act.

Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Why Do This Course
Lesson 2 What To Expect
Module 2 Employing Staff
Lesson 1 Position Description
Lesson 2 Types Of Employment
Lesson 3 Advertising A Vacancy
Lesson 4 When They Start
Module 3 National Employment Standards
Lesson 1 The National Employment Standards
Lesson 2 Quiz:
Module 4 Modern Awards
Lesson 1 What Are Modern Awards?
Lesson 2 What Modern Award Applies To Your Business?
Lesson 3 Where To Get Help
Lesson 4 Quiz
Module 5 Enterprise Agreements
Lesson 1 What Are Enterprise Agreements?
Lesson 2 Should You Get One?
Lesson 3 How To Get An Enterprise Agreement
Lesson 4 Quiz
Module 6 General Protections
Lesson 1 What Are The "General Protections"?
Lesson 2 Minimising Adverse Action Risk
Lesson 3 Quiz
Module 7 Small Business
Lesson 1 What Is A Small Business
Lesson 2 The Small Business Fair Dismissal Code
Lesson 3 Quiz
Module 8 Unions
Lesson 1 Dealing With Unions
Lesson 2 Right of Entry
Lesson 3 Quiz
Module 9 Termination of Employment
Lesson 1 Unfair Dismissal
Lesson 2 Redundancy
Lesson 3 Adverse Action Dismissal
Lesson 4 Quiz
Module 10 Regulatroy Bodies
Lesson 1 Fair Work Commission
Lesson 2 Fair Work Ombudsman
Lesson 3 Registered Organisations Comission
Lesson 4 Quiz