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Hiring Your First Employee

IR Simplified Your New Employee

IR Simplified: Read this before you hire your first employee

Your backyard, or hobby business has grown to the point where you need to expand to survive. Expansion means hiring staff. Though before you place that job ad in seek, there are a few things that you need to consider. While employing staff can be a good thing for your business, if they


It goes without saying that before you actually hire someone, you need to work out if you can afford to do it. Depending on how many hours per week you are employing someone, full time is usually the most cost effective option. Keep in mind you the wage of the employee(s) won't be the only expense. Read More

Stop Being Scared Of Unfair Dismissal

Unfair Dismissal applications aren't always about "go away" money

Unfair dismissal. Two words that are enough to make a business owner break out into a cold sweat. Or, so we are told. What would you say if I told you that businesses shouldn't be scared of unfair dismissal? In fact, I believe that they should embrace it, and grow from the experience.

Why Is An Application Made?

What makes a former employee lodge an unfair dismissal application against your business? Let me tell you that it isn't to score a quick buck in "go away money". Read More

Learning from H & M’s BOOT Failure

IR Simplified: Lessons from H&M

photo credit: lisamikulski H&M via photopin (license)

Enterprise agreements. They are often touted as one of the beneficial parts of Australia's Fair Work legislation. When done right, they can help improve the bottom line of a business. The Coles and H & M enterprise agreement decisions what can happen when a business gets them wrong. With the H & M rejection still fresh in our minds, here are a few lessons that we should learn from them.

Make Sure The Application Filled Out Correctly

Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Relations

IR Simplified: Beginners Guide To Industrial Relations

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I keep reading that industrial relations in Australia is scary, complex and confusing. I do not believe that to be the case. What you are about to read is the beginner's guide to industrial relations in Australia. Just like Ikea and Lego instructions, the Fair Work Act can be a little bit daunting the first time you look at it. The trick to understanding it is to keep going. After time things will become easier, and it will start to make sense.

The Fair Work Act

The Fair Work Act is the main piece of legislation that everything else branches out from. For those who came in late, the Fair Work Act 2009 replaced the Workplace Relations Act 1996. This Fair Work Act did make things simpler for the business owner. It replaced the complex Federal and State award system with 122 new Modern Awards. (I will get to them later) If it wasn't for the Fair Work Act, we also wouldn't have the following: Read More

How To Make Sure You Are Paying Your Staff Right?

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Making sure your staff are paid correctly is one of the most important things a business owner should do. Yet, it appears to be an area that isn't given the level of attention that it should. One of the most popular reasons for this is that the often repeated line of, "it's all too confusing". If you subscribe to that excuse, here are a few ways to make sure you are paying your staff right.

Fair Work Ombudsman - Pay And Conditions Tool

FWO P.A.C.T. screenshot

Screenshot of Fair Work Ombudsman's Pay And Conditions Tool

It comes as no surprise that the Fair Work Ombudsman's Pay And Conditions Tool (P.A.C.T.) is on this list. The P.A.C.T. helps both employers and employees check their relevant pay and conditions. It even helps those employers who don't know which Modern Award applies to them. This browser-based tool is relatively easy to use, with only basic answers required. Read More

Are They An Employee Or Contractor?

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There appears to be a lot of confusion among small business owners about the difference between an employee and an independent contractor. There is a mistaken belief that if the person supplies an ABN and invoice that they are an independent contractor. Sadly for those employers who have fallen for this, it is incorrect. There may be instances where a legal determination is required. Though generally speaking, the following tests can be used to work out if they are an employee or not. Read More