74: Flexible Work Arrangements, ‘Experts’ With An Agenda, Union Relevancy, FWC And Biometrics

In this episode of the IR Simplified podcast I talk about the following:

  • The FWC’s Model Term for flexible work arrangements, which commenced on 01 December 2018
  • More scaremongering from an “expert”, and why do we put up with it.
  • Does a 1% drop in Union membership mean that Unions are no longer relevant?
  • The FWC’s decision to dismiss an unfair dismissal application by an employee who was sacked for not wanting his fingerprint used for clocking on/off.

Links mentioned in podcast:

Flexible Work Arrangements: IRSimplified.com.au

Accessorial Liability article by David Bates: Switzer.com

120 Modern Awards article by David Bates: Switzer.com

Union Relevancy post: LinkedIn

FWC biometrics dismissal post: LinkedIn

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