IR Simplified Podcast: Episode 51 – Qoctor and Online Medical Certificates

IR Simplified Podcast: Episode 51 – Qoctor and Online Medical Certificates

In this episode of the IR Simplified podcast, I talk about the following:

Why do we still require a medical certificate for short term absences?

Do we really need to continue to treat our employees as children and make them bring a note in from mum (Doctor), if they have a day off?

Why can’t we treat them like adults, and say that a stat dec is enough?

I also talk about the open badges that will be issued on successful completion of one of out training courses. (more…)

Online Medical Certificates. Good Or Bad Idea?

Why are employers still asking for medical certificates?

What are your thoughts on medical certificates?

Are they something useful, and necessary to “prove” that an employee is unfit for work?

Or, are they one of those “we have always done it” things?

What if you received a certificate from the Melbourne based online doctor, Qoctor?

Aren’t All Certificates The Same?

My go-to “expert” has a few things to say on this matter.

If I understand the article correctly, he isn’t a fan of them.

In fact, I would go further and suggest that he doesn’t think they are worth the paper they are written on.

Sadly, this ‘expert’ doesn’t appear to have a modern view on this.

Workplace Investigation and the Support Person

Support person.

It is one of those areas of workplace investigations that causes no end of confusion.

This article will discuss the finer points of having a support person present during a workplace investigation.

Though, before we get to that, we need to understand what a support person is.

Section 387(d) of the Fair Work Act 2009 states

any unreasonable refusal by the employer to allow the person to have a support person present to assist at any discussions relating to dismissal; and

This has been further clarified by the Full Bench decision in the V.A.T.E v de Laps [2014] FWCFB 613

In layman’s terms, a support person is there to ‘support’ the person, not be their ‘advocate’. (more…)

Introduction to workplace investigations

IR Simplified: Workplace InvestigationsWhat do you know about workplace investigations, and could you do one?

Before you break out the magnifying glass, pipe, and deerstalker’s cap, there are a few things you need to know.

To begin with, workplace investigations are something that should be taken seriously. Though that doesn’t mean that every investigation will be an inquisition.

By the same token, it also doesn’t mean everyone can be a ‘workplace investigator’. (more…)

Why I Don’t Agree With The Penalty Rate Decision

IR Simplified Penalty Rates DecisionThe FWC’s decision to reduce penalty rates has divided the industrial relations ‘community’. The pundits claim that the decision will help small business, and increase employment.

Discussion around the decision has created a false dichotomy.

If you support the decision you are anti-worker. And, if you disagree with it, you are anti-business.

It also highlights one of the reasons why industrial relations in Australia is the way that it is.

The reality of the decision is that it will do very little to support small business, and could quite possibly be to it’s detriment. (more…)