Special Offer For Owners Of Vegan Businesses

09 November 2019

From the desk of Cameron Blewett.

Holy Smoke!!

Isn’t industrial relations confusing?

It seems that barely a week goes by where some business doesn’t end up in the media for doing something wrong.

We’ve had defence contractor Thales own up to a $7 million shortfall.

George Colambaris’ MAdE Establishments with an $8 million bill.

Even the ABC has put aside $23 million to pay back casual employees.

Most recently, it has been Woolworths with a $300 Million underpayment scandal.

We’ve seen the Fair Work Ombudsman talk about the $40 million in unpaid wages that they recovered for employees last financial year.

If these big businesses are having trouble keeping up with Australia’s Modern Award system, what hope does the average small business owner have?

Then, on top of that, we have seen them take a cafe to court for paying workers in food and drink.

It really does seem like the system is stacked against the employer.

Then, on top of all that, it seems like it is impossible to sack an employee who misbehaves.

The Fair Work Commission awarded an unfair dismissal applicant a $7,000 payment, despite finding that the sacking was justified.

Is it any wonder that business groups are throwing their hands up saying that everything is too confusing?

Though, what about you and your business?

You have a vegan business because you want to live, and help others to live an ethical lifestyle.

Though how can you do that when it looks like the cards are stacked against you?

What Options Do You Have?


You could enrol in a degree for a few years, though that is no guarantee that you will know how the Fair Work Act works when you graduate.

Unfortunately, if you choose this path, you won’t be building your business, and it will end up costing you money.

Create A Human Resources Department

Let’s say you did want to create your own HR Department.

You’d have one person looking after the human resources issues for five or six people.

That has to be one of the best ways to waste money I have ever seen.

Though, as we have seen with Woolworths, Super Retail Group, etc having a HR Department is no guarantee you will be complaint with the Fair Work Act either.

Outsource Your “HR”

You could fall for the marketing hype and high pressure sales tactics and let a “workplace relations” firm look after your HR issues.

Then what?

With everything being outsourced, you won’t develop the skills with the business to handle anything that pops up once your business has outgrown outsourcing.

And, most of those firms charge a per employee amount.

The more employees you have, the more it costs you.

Hire A Consultant/Lawyer

This is the second best example of how to waste money that I can give you.

Hiring a consultant/lawyer may seem like the in thing, though just like outsourcing, you won’t learn anything from them.

The problem with lawyers is that they only know the law.

Sure they are needed when you have a matter that requires a court appearance, though how much will an hourly billing law firm actually know about your business?

And, most consultants/law firms are only interested in repeat business.

Not helping their clients to never need them again.

There Is Another Option

Instead of doing any of the options listed above, here is something that is far easier, and won’t cost the earth.

Let me tell you what you get.

One Monthly Subscription Fee

Unlike other workplace relations firms, we won’t charge you a fee based on the number of employees you have, effectively penalising your business as it grows.

We have the one fee for businesses up to 50 employees. (Over 50, please contact us for more information)

Business Health Check

This is probably one of the most important things you can do for your business.

We check your business to make sure that every thing complies with the Fair Work Act.

If there are any vulnerabilities in your business, we will work with you to fix them, and get things back on track.

Unlimited Phone Contact

You can call us as many times as you want, for as many issues as you want, and you won’t be charged a sent for them.

If it takes 45 minutes to resolve an issue, we will spend 45 minutes on the phone with you.

We won’t cut you off after 30, and tell you that you need to pay for the rest.

You can also reach us any time.

If you are there working, we will be there supporting you.

Forum Access

As a subscriber, you will get access to an exclusive members only forum where you will be able to talk about the challenges you are facing with other business owners.

Exclusive Website Content

In addition to the free industrial relations related articles that are on IRSimplified.com.au, you will also get access to premium content as part of your subscription.

Weekly Office Hours Call

Every week we do an office hours call where we cover any new developments in the field of industrial relations, and answer a few questions.

Unlimited Document Templates

We have a library of employment related document templates that you are likely to need in your business.

Templates like:

  • Full time employment agreement
  • Part-time Employment Agreement
  • Warning Letter
  • Termination Letter

You will also have access to a range of policy documents covering things like:

  • Social Media Use
  • Mobile Phone Use
  • Vehicle Use
  • Code of Conduct
  • Values and Behaviours
  • Workplace Bullying/Harassment

Representation In The Fair Work Commission

In the unlikely event that you have to appear in the Fair Work Commission, we have a heavily discounted set fee structure for owners of vegan businesses.

Phone representation during the conciliation process is included in your membership fee. (Fair use policy does apply).

Set Fees

For those matters that can’t be settled over the phone, we have a set range of fees.

There is no hourly billing or surprise additions.

Like the Fair Work Commission representation fees above, our set fees are heavily discounted for vegan business owners.

Join Us

If you join now, you will only pay $55.00 per month for all of the above.

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