IR Simplified regularly hosts webinars on a number of different topics that you will find listed below. Webinars are free unless otherwise indicated.

Understanding The Fair Work Act

IR Simplified’s Understanding The Fair Work Act webinar gives an overview of the Fair Work Act 2009. Topics covered in the webinar include National Employment Standards, Modern Awards, Enterprise Agreements, Record Keeping, Leave (Annual and Personal/Carer’s), Right Of Entry, and Terminations (Small Business Fair Dismissal Code, Unfair Dismissal, Redundancy)read more…
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Unfair Dismissal

IR Simplified’s How To Yawn At An Unfair Dismissal webinar will give you what you need to be able to yawn at an unfair dismissal application.
We do this by giving you an understanding of the unfair dismissal provisions of the Fair Work Act.read more…

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Enterprise Agreements

IR Simplified’s Enterprise Agreements webinar will show you what you need to know to create your own enterprise agreement.

The webinar will also cover: Benefits and drawbacks, Clauses, Notice of Employee Representational Rights, Protected Industrial Action, and more.
In addition to the above, attendees of the webinar will also receive a general template of an enterprise agreement, and suggested information newsletters.read more…

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Workplace Investigations

IR Simplified’s Workplace Investigations webinar will show you what you need to know about workplace investigations.
You will learn about:Why you may need to do a workplace investigation, What you can investigate, The 5 Ps of workplace investigations, and more. There will also be a few freebies for those who attend too.read more…

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