Enterprise Agreement Course

This course will give you the skills and knowledge needed to negotiate an enterprise agreement.

The course will cover the following:
* What to do before you start the process of negotiationing a new agreement
* When to send out the Notice Of Employee Representational Rights
* Dealing with employee bargaining agents.
* Preventing Protected Industrial Action
* Voting
* Fair Work Commission approval
* What to do once the agreement is approved

Industrial Relations 101

This course will give you the foundation to begin your career in industrial relations

Understanding The Fair Work Act

This course will give the participant a basic understanding of the Fair Work Act.
This course will cover:
* NES (National Employment Standards)
* Leave
* Modern Awards
* Enterprise Agreement
* Terminations (Including unfair dismissal)

Unfair Dismissal

this course is about unfair dismissal

Workplace Investigations

This course provide participants with the practical skills to assess complaints, gather information, conduct interviews and write reports on the outcome of the investigation.
This course will show you:

  • When you should investigate
  • How to create an investigation plan
  • How to manage a support person
  • How to pick the right person to be the investigator
  • Legal considerations when conducting a workplace investigation
  • Gathering evidence
  • Compiling the final report
  • and more...

Enterprise Associations

This course is about enterprise associations

Bullying and Harassment

This course will enable you to identify and address bullying and harassment in the workplace, and how to implement measures to prevent it from happening.
It will also cover the Fair Work Commission's anti-bullying measures.

General Protections

this course is about the general protections provisions of the fair work act


this course is all about terminations and how to do them to comply with the fiar work act

Union Management

this course is all about how to manage the union relationship with your business