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Episode 05 – IR Simplified Podcast

In this episode I will talk about:

  • the behaviour of CFMEU organisers and why no one should accept that sort of behaviour, let alone the union movement
  • an article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald about the infantilisation of workers
  • why we must do all that we can to increase workplace communication
  • why I think enterprise associations will be the new black for Australian businesses, and
  • whether a minimum leave requirement is a good thing or bad thing for your workplace.

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Episode 003: IR Simplified Podcast

In episode 03 of the IR Simplified podcast I talk about penalty rates, and whether we will see their demise at the end of the Fair Work Commission review. I also ask if an employer is really the ‘bad guy’ by wanting to reduce expenses.

There is also a little bit of a discussion around time sheets, inspired by a recent Pricing Power Podcast episode.

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Episode 02: IR Simplified podcast

In this episode I talk about end of year office parties, industrial action – where the only winner is The Union, how to prevent industrial action giving a clause from an agreement as an indication and some discussion about enterprise agreements themselves.

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Episode 01 IRSimplified Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the IR Simplified podcast.

With future episodes, anything that is mentioned in the show will appear here as a show note.

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