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Sandpit Rules

Here are the rules of the sandpit, and by posting on this forum, you agree to be bound by them.

  1. Play Nice!
    This needs to be said right from the start, as there are bound to be some people who can't.
    We are all adults here, and as such, other forum users will be treated the way that we expect others to treat us.
  2. Opinions Are Your Own
    Any opinions expressed here, are those of the indivudual user, and may not necessarily represent those of any organisations they are part of.
  3. Censorship Isn't Done Lightly
    If a decision is made to remove a comment, it isn't done on a whim. Just because someone said something you don't like, doesn't mean their comment should be deleted.
  4. Admin/Moderator's Decision Is Final
    If a comment is removed, or thread closed, the decision of the moderator/admin is final.
  5. These Rules May Expand
    Depending on the behaviour of the participants, these rules may have more added to them. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with them.